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Talon Compounding Pharmacy was established in 2002 by Wilson Shepard with the mission to provide quality, custom medications at affordable prices. Mr. Shepard assembled a small team of qualified and dedicated employees to help him achieve his goal. In the many years since, Talon Compounding Pharmacy has grown substantially, increasing the number of team members and opening another location in Boerne in 2014. In 2019, the pharmacies were purchased by entrepreneur David McLennan. David aims to continue operating Talon Compounding Pharmacy as a community compounding pharmacy, with a focus on quality products, personalized patient care, and superb customer service. He is assisted in this endeavor by a highly-experienced group of pharmacists and technicians, some of whom have been with TCP since its opening. Come visit us and learn how our team can help you care for yourself, your family and your pets!


Talon Pharmacy of Boerne is primarily a community and specialty pharmacy. Our staff pharmacist has over 2 years of experience at a national specialty pharmacy and is a certified Multiple Sclerosis Specialist. At Talon Pharmacy of Boerne, you will find a staff ready to speak with you about your specialty medications in the areas of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, MS and organ transplant. As a community pharmacy, Talon of Boerne will surprise you with its low cost on traditional medications. Whether you would like to use your insurance to pay for your prescriptions, or if you are paying cash because of a high-deductible plan or lack of insurance all together, you’ll find Talon easy on the wallet.

Our Cleanroom


The staff of Talon Compounding takes seriously the safety of all its patients.  The cleanroom where sterile medications are made is maintained to very high testing and safety standards.  The room itself is certified to CETA CAG 003.  In addition, Talon regularly sends samples of our sterile compounded medications for bacterial, fungal and endotoxin testing by an outside third party service.  In over 10 years of compounding, Talon medications have not once been found non-sterile.  If you have further questions about this important aspect of our pharmacy, please call and ask to speak with our Quality Assurance Director, Vi Ta.

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San Antonio

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    Our Boerne location exclusively serves the great people of  Texas!

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    *No compounded medication is reviewed by the FDA for safety/efficacy.